Our Partners

Level 1


bonus from the investment of a referral
you invited

Level 2


bonus from the investment of the
participant invited by your referral

Level 3


bonus from the investment of referrals
invited by 2nd level participant

Level 4


bonus from the investment of referrals
invited by 3rd level participant

Level 5


bonus from the investment of referrals
invited by 4th level participant

without investment

A 5-level affiliate program is available for Inquantum users to allow them earning money without investments. Affiliate program includes 5 levels with career advancement and increase of referral bonuses.

Affiliate marketing is one of the mightiest ways to attract new investors in any thriving business. coingains.co is no exception and anyone can become our best partner by examining for new investors to attract private and corporate capital. The company has provided a special operation of rewards for your involvement in the development.

You can withdraw affiliate reward or make a deposit directly from your account balance. It can be the way that you have no funds to make a deposit. But with such cooperation, you receive partnership reward without making your own deposit

Regional Representatives

Representative Commission is significantly different from the standard one. You will receive 5-level of 8% - 5% - 3% - 2% - 2%. In addition, your contact information and affiliate link will be added to the company’s website. If you are on our website for the first time and you have questions about the investment conditions of coingains.co, please read the partner page on top of our website. All our representatives are reliable partners.

Become A Representatives

To become a representative, any registered client on the website of coingains.co can ask for representative status if they meet the condition - User must have 5 active referrals and an active deposit of $1001 or more. Later back just send us accurate information regarding yourself:
- Your username ;
- Your country;
- Your language;
- Your contact information;
- Your website/blog.

Following reviewing this information which needs up to 24 hours. If the user meets all condition then we will add that user in our partner region.


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We don't have any hidden fees when depositing or withdrawing funds.

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