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about our company coingains.co

Currently, we are running on projects in some of the most compelling industries with operations in the world’s top markets. Some of our current holdings and investments include Real Estate (Make Profits By Renting And Selling and Leverage Your Real Estate Investment), Crypto Trading ( Scalping-Very short term, Hodling-Long term, Hold for short and long duration, Day Trading-Short term, Position Trading-Long term, Arbitrage trading, Intra-day Trading, Range Trading, and Swing Trading-Short term. ) coingains.co is one of the top cryptocurrency mining facilities in the world.

  • 01.who are we?

    Any intellectual activity requires theoretical principles, practical experience, expert skills and endless development of thinking. By providing your investment capital to the trust authority of coingains.co, all theoretical and practical part, including the evolution of trading strategies and the use of solid information sources, you shift to the shoulders of our specialized professionals. Tremendous experience and knowledge of all the elegances of successful trading organically combined with inspiration and stress resistance of our traders, allowing achieving record levels of profitability. The ability to react correctly to market changes and transformations reduces the likelihood of losing a deposit within each individual transaction.

  • 02.what we do?

    Every day we perform complicated predictions, use diverse logical tools, reveal new efficient strategies and skillfully manipulate statistics and we are able to provide a permanent inflow of profits and steady payments to investors. Dozens of legal entities and thousands of private investors continue to finance our activities for more than 5 years, making sure of the minimum risks and high liquidity of cooperation with the company coingains.co.

The miners’ software is configured for maximum performance by mining Kernels (hardware operating systems) that we’ve developed in-house. We then manage it with our coingains.co Hive interface. coingains.co Hive is our software interface which enables the efficient setup, configuration, and management of all our mining facilities. Keeping track of all devices is key for the success of any mining operation. Besides the total hashrate, power consumption and facility temperatures there are a myriad of details and settings like firmware, mining pools and safety protections that need to be checked and managed.

coingains.co is validating the blockchain networks of many of the majorly distributed cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash and others. The most popular and widespread cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is being mined in facilities with a different hardware setup (such as ASIC miners). On all the above fields, It takes some crazy skills and a cold and calculating mindset to trade. All investment is invested with the proper plan and backup plan. We work with the best strategies.



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We don't have any hidden fees when depositing or withdrawing funds.

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